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So its been quite a while since AX and I have finally calmed down. Thankfully it is summer break so I don't have to work. :)
Anyway AX was really good. I did better then I expected. I am thoroughly pleased. I also met some nice people and more then enough Kuroko fans. :heart:
To all the people who commissioned me thank you. I'm glad that I had things to do. :D I also was happy that I wasn't tied down to the booth and could actually enjoy the con, unlike Fanime.
On a side note, to the people who bought a Miku print: If you turn it over and see marker blobs that means its an original. My friend accidentally sold it and I would very much like it back. Originals are very important to me because of all the time, sweat, tears and blood I put into it. So if you have it note me. I will make it worth your time.
The only thing I know about the person who bought it was that he was a man.
I know I probably wont ever get it back but its worth a shot. :D
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July 14, 2012